How can a patient get braces covered?

With the many changes of insurance policies, reimbursements, exclusions to policies, high deductibles and coinsurance, it is often a topic of conversation as to whether the necessary prosthetics and orthotics will be covered.  Here are other options for patients that...

Wheelchair Basketball for Kids

We are excited to announce the first practice for wheelchair basketball is going to be Sunday, Dec 3rd!  This is a joint effort of Dynamic Orthopedics, Memorial Adaptive Sports and the Sharks adult wheelchair basketball team.  We have collaborated to bring this...

Ori has joined our staff

Orializ “Ori” M. Gonzalez, LO, CO, Board Eligible Prosthetist Ori's Background - Ori, originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, moved to the state of Florida to pursue her dream career. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics at St. Petersburg...

Services Dynamic Orthopedics Offers

Orthotics for children has been our most defined area of expertise, but did you know that we also offer prosthetics?  We do and we are expanding in this area!  Having practitioners and technicians that are comfortable creating and fabricating the optimal device to...

Angie Highlighted!

With the length of time we have been doing this, we are so excited when we get to celebrate with a patient that we have provided braces for since she was 9 years old!  Now she is turning 17 today on our Dynamic Anniversary day!  She has grown into a beautiful young...

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