"Friendliness, compassion and attention to detail were the defining characteristics of Dynamic Orthopedics under Shubert Chang. Melisa and her staff are dedicated to providing the excellent level of service that he began, thus insuring his legacy continues and grows."

Dr. Lucy Cohen

Pediatric Physiatrist

"I worked closely with Shubert over the years…benefitting from his knowledge and expertise, learning many details that are important to creating quality orthoses, and this opportunity has been invaluable to me."

Mary B. Pengelley, RPT, DPT

Director of Physical Therapy Progressive Pediatric Therapy, Inc.

"Once you’ve had the best you forget about the rest."

"When I first visited Dynamic Orthopedics over a decade ago, I thought I had exhausted all possibilities and any hope of being fitted with a prosthetic that would allow me to pursue an active lifestyle that included surfing and weightlifting.

My particular challenge was to find, not only a device that would fit a particularly difficult stump but a device that would allow for a highly customized fit that would allow me to accomplish my goals, including competing on the men’s pro surfing circuit.

When I met Shubert Chang I had already been to some of the top prosthetic companies in the country and was prepared to go to Germany, as I thought the more advanced the prosthetic the more likely I would be to find the right one. Many times amputees are confused by what they see in the media, much of it driven by the companies making the prosthetics. Shubert explained that success was likely to be achieved at you want. That philosophy has worked perfectly for me.

After Shubert’s death I was concerned for, not only the future of Dynamic, but my future of having the right device and the right fit. Once you’ve had the best you forget about the rest. I was very happy to learn that Melisa was building upon Shubert’s legacy of excellence in function, fit and service. I continue to highly recommend Melisa’s team of professionals at Dynamic."

Geoffrey "Pegleg" Comfort

Right BK

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