Dynamic Social Media and other forms of communication

JUST AFTER HURRICANE IRMA, we had this patient come in and he said, “I came back!”  The way he said it made us think that it had been a long adventure!  We knew his family was great when we heard him tell our practitioner, “Call me if you need anything, okay?”.  I don’t doubt that he had heard this many times over the last week. 

When a hurricane comes through and the dust settles, we find ourselves realizing the normal methods of communication have been disrupted.   After a hurricane, we understand that your lives are out of sorts as well.  We want to make it as convenient as possible to reach us.  Take a moment to link to our social media.

Here is the alternate ways for us to be contacted for your information and convenience.  Our Emergency Number can be used in the event our normal numbers are not working and can be used to reach us.  561-401-0589


Website: dynamicorthopedics.com  |   Email: info@dynamicorthopedics.com

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