Services Dynamic Orthopedics Offers

Orthotics for children has been our most defined area of expertise, but did you know that we also offer prosthetics?  We do and we are expanding in this area!  Having practitioners and technicians that are comfortable creating and fabricating the optimal device to achieve your goals is what we strive to do.  Currently we have 3 clinicians on staff to meet your orthotic and prosthetic needs.  In the development of vacuum systems for suspension, microprocessor knees, and carbon fiber energy storing feet, we want to move with the technology and provide you the most effective prosthetic system.

We also have a strong suit in spinal bracing.  Have a child with scoliosis?  We can help him or her achieve their goals for spinal correction.

Also since we have had alot of experience with orthotic needs, we can also do more complex bracing such as custom elbow and knee extension splints with joints, resting handsplints, custom collars, carbon fiber afo’s and ultraflex bracing.  In the future, we are looking to develop our methods of taking an image with a 3-D Scanner.

If you can think it, we can probably create it!  Ask us if you have a specific need!

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